Man Arrested for Self-Defense

On May 15, 1995, Aaron Davis and his girlfriend were accosted by four drunks in a Vacaville, California, park. Davis and his girlfriend evaded the drunks, but two of them found them in the park, assaulted Davis, and threatened to rape his girlfriend.

Davis defended himself with a Swiss Army knife, sending both attackers to the hospital, where one of them died.

After investigating the matter, the Solano County District Attorney's office declined to press charges, stating that Davis had acted in self-defense after exhausting other means of protecting himself.

Davis and his family immediately became the target of death threats by friends of the attackers. Vacaville police moved Davis to a safe house outside town.

Davis was fired from his job at a Vacaville grocery store after a thug threatened to kill Davis in the store. The store manager did not want any such retaliation to occur at the store.

Davis spent the two months after the knifing in and out of various safe houses to protect his life.

On July 19, 1995, Davis and his girlfriend were followed home by about five people in a car. When Davis arrived home and left his car, "Sonny" Shairer got out of the other car and threatened Davis' life.

Davis pulled out a Glock .40 handgun and killed Shairer with a single shot. The remaining thugs fled in their car.

The Vacaville police, instead of treating Davis as a hero, arrested Davis and seized all his firearms stored in a gun safe in his house. Before they would release Davis, the police forced Davis' father to give up all his firearms!

Making a tragic situation worse, the Vacaville police have disarmed a family who are under constant threat by local thugs.

Source: July 28, 1995, forward to the Libernet mailing list of an article by Peter Nesbitt.