Woman Shoots Mugger

When a mugger in Detroit, Michigan, tugged at Sheila Cole's purse, it ripped open, spilling its contents including a .38 caliber revolver. Cole grabbed the handgun and shot the criminal twice. Onlookers then beat and kicked the man until police arrived.

Police charged the mugger with robbery, and seized Cole's revolver as evidence. Cole immediately bought a new one.

"All those years I've had the gun, I never, ever thought I'd shoot somebody," Cole said, but, "I'd do it again. You bet I would. I'm glad I stopped him. He'll not do that again to someone else."

Michigan has Concealed Weapons permits, which waive the Brady Act's waiting period. If the waiting period applied, Cole would have been defenseless after her revolver was seized. If the weapon permit had not been available, she would have been mugged or worse.

Source: June 16, 1995, post to the Self-Defense Network.