Carjacker Killed By Victim

July 24, 1995, Coral Springs Police Department press releases:

Coral Springs, [Florida,] Police are investigating a carjacking that resulted in the death of one of the subjects. At approximately 7:20 a.m., an owner of a Lexus stopped at a car wash in the 9200 block of Wiles Road. He was approached by a subject armed with a handgun (revolver) and was ordered at gunpoint out of the vehicle and into the trunk.

The subject stopped the Lexus approximately two blocks away, fearing the victim had a cellular phone in the trunk. (He had noticed that no phone was visible in the passenger compartment and thought the victim may have taken it with him when he climbed into the trunk.) When the subject opened the trunk, the victim exited the trunk - now armed with two handguns that were stored in the trunk (a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol). The victim ordered the subject to ground (he told him to lie down on the ground). (The victim also shouted to nearby pedestrians to call 911 and alert police.)

However the subject made a move to his pocket and in fear for his safety, the victim shot the subject (in the lower abdomen). A second subject, driving a blue station wagon, attempted to run down the Lexus owner (who shot at the driver, taking out the window of the station wagon but missing the second suspect). Officer Willie Jackson was able to provide an accurate description of the station wagon. Officer Karl Milenkovic located the subject in the 2000 block of University Drive and arrested him without incident.

The first subject died at North Broward Medical Center.

Coral Springs Police have identified the suspects involved in today's carjacking. The deceased was identified as Carl Lee Reese, DOB 10/12/73. The second suspect was identified as Mario Danele Sikes, age 17. Both are from 2010 Avenue G, Fort Pierce, Florida. According to investigators, Reese had an extensive history of carjacking in Florida and South Carolina and was wanted in Palm Beach County for Violation of Probation relating to robbery. Investigators are still looking into Sikes' past. Sikes will be charged with Kidnapping and Grand Theft related offenses.

The victim (Lexus driver) was identified as Paul Brite, age 53 of Coral Springs. Mr. Brite was not injured or charged in this incident.

Source: July 25, 1995, post to the Self-Defense Network.