Quotes on Communication Technology

FBI Director on Privacy

If five years from now we [the FBI] solve the access problem, but what we're hearing is all encrypted, I'll probably, if I'm still here, be talking about that in a very different way: the objective is the same. The objective is for us to get those conversations whether they're by an alligator clip or ones and zeros. Whoever they are, whatever they are, I need them.

-- FBI Director Louis Freeh, clarifying statements that the FBI may seek legislation to ban strong encryption, in an October 1994 interview with Steven Levy.

Internet and Government

Not just the Chinese government, but all governments, are concerned that information on the Internet could cause social instability.

-- James Chu, chief executive officer of China Internet Corporation.

Gates on the Internet

This revolution is more important than what has gone on in the last twenty years.

-- Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, at Internet World 1995.