United Arab Emirates Want to License Internet

The Middle East, with its Muslim dictatorships, is one of the most censorious areas of the planet. Political, religious and sexual expression is heavily restricted. The Internet poses a direct threat to this order, empowering the individual to access information and resisting all attempts at restriction.

In June 1996, the police chief of Dubai, United Arab Emirates called for the state information ministry and the police to issue "Internet licenses" rather than the 60% state-owned telecommunications company. In response to the criticism, the company pulled its representative from the government board overseeing Internet use.

A local newspaper quoted the police chief, "In all cases, the information should be filtered, scanned and then made available to users."

The Revolution issues a hearty welcome to anyone in the UAE who circumvented their government to read this page!

Source: June 18, 1996 Reuter Information Service article "Emirates telecoms group, police in Internet row."