Singapore Licenses, Restricts Internet Service

Governments have always tried to restrict the flow of undesirable information -- undesirable to them anyway. The Internet stomps all over these plans, routing information in such a way to make censorship practically impossible. Of course, that doesn't stop governments from trying.

In March 1996, the Singapore government announced that all Internet service providers and content providers in the country must be licensed by the Singapore Broadcast Authority. The government prohibits pornography, hate literature and other information not in accordance with "local values" (government interests).

Providers like schools, libraries and Internet cafés must not only censor their users' content, but also supervise use of public terminals.

An estimated 100,000 Singaporeans use the Internet. Revolution extends a hearty welcome to Singaporeans who defy their government to view criticism of it!

Source: March 6, 1996 Reuter, Information Service article, "Singapore's Internet curbs worry some analysts."