Generic Ethnic Jokes

Ethnic conflict and persecution is a longstanding human tradition. Ethnic humor can reinforce stereotypes and prejudice, or it can serve as a way for people to deal with them. The jokes selected here are intended to be free of malice.

Insert your favorite ethnic group in the place of the ones I have used in any of the jokes below. They also go well with residents of particular geographic areas, graduates of certain universities and various religious true believers.

The Toilet Seat

Everybody criticizes Italians, but you know they invented the toilet seat. Of course the Germans had to come by later and cut a hole in it.

Unwanted Miracle

Three guys, one from Florida, one from Alabama and one from Mississippi, are out in a boat fishing. All of a sudden, they see someone walking on the water towards them! As he approaches, they realize it is Jesus.

The Lord approaches them and says, "Hello my sons, is there anything I can do for you?"

The Floridian says, "I was a quarterback in high school, and I ruined my arm throwing the ball, so I can't cast my fishing rod very well." Jesus lifts his staff and touches the man's arm. It feels better at once, and right then he casts further than he ever has before.

The Alabaman says, "I was a runner in high school, and I ruined the muscles in my legs, so I can't take my wife out dancing." Jesus lifts his staff and touches the man's legs. They feel better at once, and the man gets up and dances a jig right there in the boat.

Jesus turns to the Mississippian, who is cowering in the opposite side of the boat. "And you, my son?"

The Mississippian yells, "Don't touch me with that thing, I'm on workman's comp!"