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Frequently asked questions:

I want to get in touch with ...
The Revolution represents the opinions of its author and is not an official site for any other person or organization. If you wish to contact someone other than me, see if I have contact information listed in my People and Organizations section, or search for their official Web site.

How do I get involved?
Contact your state's chapter of the [WWW]Libertarian Party.

Will you link to my site?
I don't link to many sites, as it is difficult to keep many links up to date, but I sometimes link to sites with original material related to the topics on this one.

How do I join a militia?
How should I know? I am not in contact with any militia. I recommend bringing up the subject with local gun groups or gun shops.

Due to an overwhelming amount of spam, I regret that I cannot put a comment form here. However, you can send an e-mail to revolution at boogieonline dot com. As I maintain this site in my nearly nonexistent spare time, I may not be able to reply, but I do appreciate all comments.