Jim Warren

Jim Warren is a writer and computer professional in California. I have been unable to find any information related to him after the mid-1990s; perhaps he is enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Warren has received the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award (1994), the James Madison Freedom-of-Information Award from the Society of Professional Journalists - Northern California (1994) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award in its first year (1992). He led the successful 1993 effort to make state legislation and statutes available via public computer networks without charge and organized and chaired the landmark First Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy (1991).

He founded InfoWorld, was founding host of PBS' "Computer Chronicles," founding editor of Dr. Dobb's Journal, and has chaired various computer and mathematics organizations. He holds graduate degrees in computing (Stanford), medical information science (UC Medical Center) and mathematics & statistics, began working as a computer programmer in 1968, and was a mathematics teacher and professor for ten years before that.

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