Jerome Tuccille

Jerome Tuccille was one of the early leaders of the modern libertarian movement. He wrote in several libertarian journals before the Libertarian Party was established and became active in the party when it was.

Tuccille was the Free Libertarian Party of New York's 1974 gubernatorial candidate. He garnered publicity by sending a blonde in a body suit riding through Central Park on a horse named Taxpayer. Newsweek said Tuccille "hardly believes in government at all," noting his support for the free market; legalizing prostitution, abortion and drugs; and ending taxes, subsidies, tariffs, quotas, land use controls and antidiscrimination laws.

In the 1980s Tuccille went on to become an investment author. His son, J.D. Tuccille is also a writer, among other things having been an editor with the online version of the New York Daily News.

Appearances in Revolution:

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