Jay Manifold

Jay D. Manifold is a Libertarian activist in Texas. He has held numerous Libertarian Party offices and run for elected office as a Libertarian in Nebraska and Texas. In a January 17, 1996, post to Libernet, Manifold described his background:

My background is as follows: I became a libertarian in November 1978 while attending the University of Chicago, and joined the Missouri Libertarian Party in April of 1981. Over the next several years I served in various state party offices, including state chair, vice-chair, secretary, and district representative, and ran for Congress in the 5th District in 1986. I attended every state convention and was a delegate to the National Conventions held at Denver in 1981 and Seattle in 1987.

In late 1989 and early 1990 my job took me to Texas. After relocating and settling in, I became active in the Texas LP in 1991. I again served as a district representative with the state party and ran for State Representative in the 103rd District in 1992. I have attended every state convention and state conference beginning in 1991 and was a delegate to the National Conventions held at Chicago in 1991 and Salt Lake City in 1993. In mid-1993 I was asked to serve as vice-chair of the Texas LP by then-chairman Joe Barnett. I agreed and was confirmed by a vote of the executive committee. In June of 1994 I was elected state chair at our convention in San Antonio.

... In 1987 I supported Russell Means at Seattle. Subsequently I gathered approximately 1,000 signatures in the effort to put Ron Paul on the ballot in Missouri. In 1991 I supported Dick Boddie at Chicago. Subsequently I served as Dallas Coordinator for the Andre Marrou campaign, helping raise approximately $4,000.

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