Ernest Hancock

Ernest Hancock was elected chair of the Libertarian Party of Maricopa County, Arizona in December 1993. Maricopa County contains Phoenix.

As Hancock said in a May 12, 1995, posting to Libernet, his motivation stems from a personal incident:

In 1989 I was exposed to very bad corruption in the Arizona Department of Commerce that extended to Washington D.C. and every elected position and bureaucracy I came in contact with. A young Republican at the age of 28, married with 4 children, I was scared. I came face to face with some of the most powerful people in this country and was told how they knew what was best for me and my family. At this point I never even heard of the Libertarian Party, But, I didn't need a platform or a Constitution to tell me what was planned for this country was evil.

After presenting very damning evidence of corruption to a powerful director of a part of the U.S. Commerce Dept. in Washington, I was told, "Yea Kid, and what are you going to do about it?" Well, I told him that I didn't know what one person could do ... but I was going to find out.

Hancock was part of a successful lawsuit to change Arizona's election code.

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