Don Ernsberger

Don Ernsberger is a long-time libertarian activist. One of the pioneers of the modern libertarian movement, he founded a libertarian caucus within the Young Americans for Freedom in 1968, and split with YAF to co-found the Society for Individual Liberty in 1969.

In a November 1996 message to the LPUS mailing list, Ernsberger gave his reasons for becoming less active in politics:

At the conclusion of the 1996 LP National Convention last July I ended my 32 year involvement in politics and 25 year involvement with the Libertarian Party ... The American culture is fundamentally anti-ideological, hostile to and fearful of personal liberty ... I have ended my Don Quixote days.

However, he could not stay away from the fray for too long, and in August 1997 he spoke at a Libertarian rally in Philadelphia.

Appearances in Revolution:

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