Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance is an organization working to "broaden the debate" on alternatives to the drug war, with a focus on "harm reduction." It was formed by the merger in 2000 of the Lindesmith Center (founded in 1994) and the Drug Policy Foundation (founded in 1987).

The group and its predecessors have had an impressive set of leaders. As of October 2005, its director is Ethan Nadelmann, and its Board of Directors includes the ACLU's Ira Glasser and billionaire George Soros.

Past directors and advisors included Arnold Trebach, Cato's David Boaz, NORML's Richard Cowan, Lester Grinspoon, Carl Sagan, the Hoover Institute's Joseph MacNamara, Kurt Schmoke, Thomas Szasz, and federal judge Robert Sweet.

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