Reproductive Policy in China

From Jay Manifold:

Millions of Chinese men and women have been forcibly aborted or sterilized under China's "population control policy." Hundreds of victims have fled to America to spare their child's life or who fear their own safety.

Since the Clinton Administration agrees with China's one-child policy, refusing to consider it persecution, these immigrants have been held in prisons throughout America for almost 2 years. Their families in China have been harshly punished, with fines of up to several years' wages, or their homes bulldozed.

First-hand accounts of the one-child policy reveal the inhumane treatement, including:

On February 14, 1995, the Chinese government announced a new campaign of even more rigorous enforcement of the one-child policy.

Federal authorities from the Department of Justice and the INS have used deceitful, unethical, and perhaps illegal actions to keep the immigrants in jail and to quietly deport them. The Clinton administration not only supports China's one-child policy, they subsidize it with tax dollars through foreign aid for "family planning."

On February 27, 1995, the Fifth Circuit Appellate Court denied the immigrants' plea for asylum. They now face deportation back to China, and certain torture.

Source: April 24, 1995, posting to LiberNet by Jay Manifold.