FDA Vitamin Store Raids

May 1993, from Vince Miller:

As if our sensibilities haven't been bludgeoned into a state of abject numbness by the obscene excesses of BATF, FBI and sundry other statist agencies lately, here are more nazi police-state actions by the FDA -- this time against the deadly menace of health food/vitamin stores. (data from a fax from Citizens for Health).

The FDA in coordination with the IRS, DEA, U.S. Customs, and local police conducted 37 raids in the U.S. (May 12th). More than 100 so-called "drugs" were the subject of 23 armed commando-style assaults. Among the vitamin supplements seized were laetrile, coenzyme-Q10 tablets, an adrenal cortex spray, etc.

The first raid occurred in Livonia, Michigan. Between 6 and 8 FDA agents burst into Zerbo's Health Food store at 11:00 am seizing projects not approved by the FDA. Agents were quoted as saying "If you do not cooperate we will confiscate all your store's products." Customers were told to leave the store. U.S. Customs agents were on hand claiming that Zerbos was smuggling "illegal" Mexican products.

A second raid occurred in Chula Vista, CA when FDA, DEA, IRS and San Diego Police, unexpectedly entered the home of Lance and Jane Griffin, owners of Omniopathy, Inc. a supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor. (San Diego was the site of 23 raids of homes and businesses). Also raided was the home of Lance and Jane Griffin and Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Hutchinson, Ph.D, biochemists. One eyewitness report report of the raid on Dr. Hutcheson's house in Chula Vista, was particularly disturbing: "They broke his door down with a battering ram, accosted his wife who was nursing her baby, handcuffed her, grabbed Marvin, handcuffed him, and would not let either one come outside to talk with me during the course of the 11 hour raid." Similarly, in another eye witness account, "Jane Griffin answered [the door] and was grabbed by the shoulders by a uniformed San Diego policeman who manhandled her several feet backwards [and] while a dozen other agents with guns drawn demanded that everyone freeze."