Wisconsin Enacts Law that Allows Landlords to Evict Suspected Drug Users

July 1994, from Rob Kampia, Chapter Coordinator of NORML:

On March 9, 1994, the Wisconsin state legislature enacted into law 1993 Senate Bill 131 which allows landlords to evict tenants on hearsay before they are convicted of -- or even charged with -- a drug-related crime.

The Wisconsin state Legislative Reference Bureau's analysis of the bill reads as follows:

"This bill allows landlords to evict tenants within 5 days after giving notice if the landlord receives notice from a law enforcement officer that a drug-related nuisance exists in the tenant's rental unit. The tenant has the right to contest the eviction, and the city, town or village is held harmless for errors in providing notices."

NORML finds this law appalling for a number of obvious reasons:

NORML poses the question: Does Wisconsin law allow property owners to evict tenants who are suspected -- or even convicted -- of assault and battery, rape, or murder?