Hydroponics Store Owners Face Life

January 1994, from Mike Tanner:

Many readers of this net are aware that Nancy Lord has been the attorney for the owners of a Georgia hydroponics store on trial for "conspiracy" to "aide and abet" the growing of marijuana by "encouraging" people to grow pot by "providing equipment and advice."

The verdict is now in: the couple were found guilty and now face a potential sentence of life (yes life!) in prison. Scary isn't it.

For two years the DEA (and National Guard) sat in front of the store and recorded the license numbers of everyone who entered the store. They then subpoenaed the utility bills for everyone visiting the store. If the bills were high enough to suggest marijuana cultivation, the people were raided. While bursting in on several little old ladies growing orchids and businessmen with aquariums, they also arrested more than 30 pot growers.

The tale of this investigation is one of nearly unprecedented government abuse of power. Nancy attempted to put the government's actions on trial and was so vigorous that she was cited for contempt. Sentencing will be March 31.