Warrantless Search At Fort Bend School

In April 1993, police made an unannounced, warrantless search of Elkins High, a Missouri City, Texas high school housing only ninth- and tenth-grade students.

As reported by William Peck in the April 29, 1993, Houston Post, more than sixty officers "blocked classroom doors to control students coming and going, and restricted students to one side of the room while drug-sniffing dogs searched backpacks, lockers and parking lots."

All that was found was spilled beer in one vehicle and a trace of marijuana in another. No arrests were made. Officials deemed the effort a success and plan to repeat it at other schools.

This story points out many problems with government intervention. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and when government offers "free" schools, you can be sure there will be strings attached. The other problem highlighted here is that pursuing the drug war to its fullest will require a police state. Are you ready for such sweeps of your house?