Drug Enforcement

late 1988: DEA-Lockerbie link

Former DEA agent speculates DEA may have allowed bomb on plane, mistaking it for drug shipment.

1988 - 1991: Philadelphia drug cops steal, falsify testimony

Drug cops steal $100,000 from drug dealers and send innocent people to prison. Planted evidence and false testimony results in over 100 drug convictions being overturned.

1991 - present: Cannabis Buyers' Clubs

An HIV-postive man starts an illegal Cannabis Buyers' Club to supply medical marijuana to AIDS patients. Despite some federal arrests, two dozen clubs now supply thousands of patients with illegal marijuana for medical purposes.

September 1991: Feds terrorize women

Acting on incorrect information, federal agents storm an innocent woman's house in military-style raid, terrorizing her and her daughter.

May 1992: State trooper targets black motorist

Using a racist "profile," a Maryland state trooper illegally searches an innocent black man's car.

August 1992: Cops critically wound innocent man

Drug agents storm innocent man's house based on bad tip and shoot him.

October 1992: Agents kill rancher

Drug agents kill a Malibu rancher. No drugs found.

March 1993: Cops harass garden store

Drug cops spy on garden store in the hope that some customers are growing hemp.

April 1993: Cops search schoolkids

Cops conduct warrantless search of kids' lockers at school.

January 1994: Store owners face life

Georgia hydroponics store owners face life for selling growing supplies.

March 1995: SWAT assaults paraplegic

Breaking into the wrong house, a SWAT team knocks a bedridden paraplegic to the floor.

June 1995: Customs wrecks man's life

A Phoenix man lost his job and apartment, and now lives with his three children on the streets, because Customs refused to release his pickup truck.

July 1995: Man arrested with medical marijuana

Ohio police arrested a man who had a prescription from the Netherlands for marijuana to ease his chronic pain from a lifetime of cancer treatment.

August 1995: Record twelve tons of cocaine seized

The U.S. makes yet another record cocaine bust.

March - September 1995: China gets tough

Despite arrest of thousands and execution of some drug dealers, the Chinese province of Guangdong still has a drug problem.

October 1995: Congress rejects crack recommendation

Federal prisoners rioted across the U.S. after Congress rejected a sentencing commission recommendation to eliminate the racial disparity in penalties for cocaine offenses.

November 1995: Record marijuana arrests reported

The FBI released a report estimating nearly half a million marijuana arrests in 1994, the overwhelming majority for possession.