The Hoover Resolution

On May 5, 1993, Reverend Schuler of the Crystal Cathedral announced his signing and support for a resolution calling for a national commission on drug policy. The resolution was promulgated by the Hoover Institution at Stanford, California. Schuler announced a May 10 event, at the Crystal Cathedral, for the actual signing.

The resolution says in part, "... our society must recognize drug use and abuse as the medical and social problems that they are and that they must be treated with medical and social solutions; and further be it resolved that an objective commission be immediately empowered by Congress to recommend revision of the drug laws of these United States in order to reduce the harm our current policies are causing."

On the same date, the Mayor and the Police Chief of San Francisco announced their support and signing of this resolution. Other prominent signors now include Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, former Police Chief of San Jose Joseph MacNamara, Dr. Milton Friedman, former Secretary of State George Shultz, and Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray.

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