About this site

This Web site provides intellectual ammunition to everyone fighting for more freedom around the world -- the peaceful revolution of ideas and technology. Revolution is a collection of facts, arguments and statistics furthering the libertarian idea of individuals freely collaborating in society.

I maintain this site in my spare time, which unfortunately is not very abundant. As a result, I do not get to add all the information I would like, and I do not get to respond to all the e-mail I receive. I do read every suggestion and try to incorporate them into the site.

If you have comments, corrections or information you wish to be added, send an e-mail to revolution at

What to expect

To distinguish links that go to other revolution pages from links that go off yonder in to the net, the icon [WWW] is used for external references.


The flag images used in the by place were mainly from Christopher Vance's collection before he stopped his project. Flags added since then are from the [WWW]FOTW Flags Of The World Web site.

The globe icon is a slight variation of a public-domain image from [WWW]Anthony's Icon Library.

Information in Revolution was collected from Internet mailing lists, news groups, FTP sites and World-Wide Web sites, as well as newspapers, magazines and books. Authors and sources other than myself are acknowledged wherever known.